Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sweet, sweet hate mail

Here's a cartoon illustration that ran in The LA Times a couple of weeks ago, and the accompanying hate email I received. I was pretty sure that this one was gonna piss some people off. Guess I'm doing my job. Here's the story as it ran in The Times.
And here's the email (unedited for your grammatical enjoyment):
"Mr. Hall,
Please submit a copy of your cartoon that appeared in the LA Times last Sunday depicting Uncle Sam in JEWISH/Mogen David shackles. I understand your cartoon is reminiscent of Nazi Germany. I am not in Berlin, I mean, LA right now to view it. However, I noticed your website has cartoons posted just before and after Sunday's LA Times. Very interestink! I am sure O'Reilly, Glen Beck and Sean Hannity would love to have you come on and explain your sense of humor. Can you say, GOING DOWN, my man? Prepare yourself for the national recognition you always sought and now deserve. I will do my best to make sure the only rags you are tooning for in the future will be in the Middle East. Can I persuade you to consider moving to any of the Arab countries (which of course is any one of the 21 surrounding Arab countries being "bullied" by the only peaceful democracy in the entire region) where your work will be most appreciated? While tooning for them, it would just be a matter of ticking before your "FREEDOM of Speech" would result in your being punished in ways only they know how to... execute. Now that would make the ultimate editorial cartoon!"
I love it when people completely miss the point, and on top of that he wants me deported and killed.
Cool! I've made Ted Rall status!
PS - Seems he's not the only one interested in this article. Here's a few more letters to the editor.

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Anonymous said...

Freedom of speech certainly allows you to say what you want and cartoon what you want. I strongly disagree with the message of your cartoon, but I agree you have the right to attempt to relay that message. But you have to realize that in trying to make/enforce the point of the Mearsheimer/Walt op-ed you invoked a standard argument of anti-semites and therefore invited all of the criticism. That's a very powerful image you drew, and the message it sends is one that has been used to fuel a great deal of hatred, violence and yes, genocide, against Jews. All I'd say is, in the future try to make your point without stooping so low.