Thursday, January 17, 2008

Water Wars

For as many years as I can remember, the threat of water diverted from the St. Johns river to over-developed central Florida has been a heated bane of contention. Now it appears that it might be getting closer to reality with a potential 150 - 250 million gallons a day being "diverted" to supply the greater Orlando area with fresh drinking water. One argument against this is that it will deplete the fresh water at the mouth of the St. Johns, allowing more infiltration of salt water into the river. Not good for the fishing or Shrimping industry, and not good for North Florida. I've been doing cartoons on this subject since I won my second Florida Press Award in 1994:

So, it's not a problem that's likely to go away any time soon.

This week, I did another cartoon on the subject. Interestingly enough, it contains "straws" again. I guess this is the visual symbol I most associate with this problem.

Here's the rough:

I didn't change it too much. Maybe added a few more straws. These are the kind of cartoons I like the most - no words, with a strong visual impact (at least I hope so).

The finished cartoon:

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