Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Digital Hair Pulling

My editor wrote a pretty interesting article last week about something I've been talking about over at The Daily Cartoonist. Here's my quote from that thread:

“Real” editorial cartoons will make a comeback only when a new generation of people understand what they are, and what they are for. I’ve touched on this before in other forums, but I believe that this is a societal issue. Quite frankly, we’ve raised a generation of wussies. Plain and simple. Until people grow some thicker skin it’ll be this way. I saw it when I was teaching art classes. I had students coming in that had never been told “no,” or where their work was lacking. They thought everything was “perfect” (insert fragrant flowers and star dust here).

Here's my editor's opinion piece.

And here's my cartoon. It's pretty sad when our own school board has to enact a revision in its harassment policy to include messages sent over the Internet, most commonly as text messages.

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