Friday, December 12, 2008

Last Syndicate cartoon of the week

Well, it's been a tumultuous week (to say the least), and with my editorial cartooning career in limbo, it's time to start looking for that next door to open. I've been hitting the online art boards pretty hard, and posting my drawings where ever I think people will take the time to look at them. I'll probably keep working for the one weekly I have left (my longest running gig), and of course I'll keep contributing national topic cartoons to my syndicate,; but political cartooning is in a transformative stage right now. With newspapers dwindling, closing, and moving on line, everything is changing. We'll just have to see where that new door leads.

Happy Weekend & Happy Holidays!

PS - Look for some new figure drawings on Monday - we've got sketch class on Sunday, and I'm really looking forward to that. It's my peace.


Craig Zablo said...

Well done, Ed. It immediately sums up the situation.

Ed Hall said...

Thanks Craig.
Just found out that the previous cartoon "Blagojevich as Capone" ran in The LA Times this morning. Pretty cool.

The Other Doctor said...

Studs Terkel's line: "Chicago isn't the most corrupt city, it's just the most theatrically corrupt."
But sometimes it's just bad theatre.
Anyway, hang in there, Ed. We're all getting whomped right now.
-R.P.M. Hart