Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday Sketch

Well, we had our weekly sketch class today, and I must say I was glad to get back. Drawing from the figure always relaxes me after a hard week losing cartooning jobs. And best of all, no deadline! Anyway, I think I got a couple of decent drawings from this class. We started out with some quick 3 minute gestures, I'll post those first. Then we did a series of 20 minute poses, and finally finished up with a long 1 hour pose (that's the drawing at the top of this post). You might notice that I couldn't get her left hand in the picture, so I sketched it separately to cut and paste later in Photoshop). I usually don't do portraits of the models, opting instead to draw the entire figure, but for some reason today I gave it a shot. I'll post those here as well. Oh, and I can't forget my drawing from the skeleton. I always seem to have a better day drawing when I sketch the skeleton before class. I think it gives me a sense of the major masses of the figure before I even see the figure. Give me a shout if you've got a second.



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Francescas Blog said...

I am always amazed by the sense of passion and energy in your figure drawings. Having watched you in the Sunday Open Studio and seen first hand the wonderfully intense expression(s) on your face we now know what a driven man you are!

There is an essence, a quality about your work that transends the average artist...and viewer.

Personally I love your work, if I could draw like anyone in the world Ed, it would be just like you.

All the very best. Francesca