Wednesday, March 11, 2009

More Cartoons!

Hello everyone. I've got some more local and national content to post, so here goes. The first one is another Govt. in The Sunshine Cartoon for Sunshine Week. The theme this year is Digital Records, so I wanted to do something in keeping with that. You can view all of the submissions here (I've got two posted).

This next one is a State issue cartoon concerning (what else?) our crumbling educational resources. I thought that playing off of the whole Apple for The Teacher thing was kinda cool - as usual, the kids get the pits.

This next cartoon was for my National Syndicate, and it is concerned with the flow of weapons and drugs back and forth across the Mexican Border. I heard that something like two thousand assault weapons PER DAY are making their way into Mexico. At that rate, the Mexican Govt. will surely be out-gunned very soon. Scary.Finally, I'm going to post a re-issue of a cartoon I did a few weeks ago. I wanted to do it in color for another publication, so here it is. I'm really starting to like drawing Barack Obama. He has flexible limbs that remind me of my old Gumby Doll. They're lanky, and pliable, and you can bend them into any position you'd like.

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