Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Sketch - 3/22

I sketched digitally again this week. Starting to really enjoy that now that I have the software bugs worked out of Photoshop CS3. I also worked on a couple of these in Photoshop after I got them home; but mostly these are straight from the figure on the Wacom Tablet. I'll post (3) gestures first, and then the longer poses. I'm pretty happy with the drawings I did today. People are starting to mention that these are a nice blend of traditional figure drawing, and new age digital media; difficult to define or describe, but definitely different. Further comments welcome. BTW, I'm in the market for a Tablet PC now (the next logical step). Any suggestions as to which tablet might be best suited to a digital artist would be greatly appreciated. It would need to have pressure sensitivity in the screen, be fast, and of course play well with Photoshop.
PS - I'm a PC guy, so the ModBook is out.

Thanks in advance & cheers,


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