Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Digital Sketches

I worked digitally today, so uploading was a snap. Oh, and our model just happened to be 6 months pregnant, so that was kinda cool. We once followed a model from the beginning of her pregnancy through the birth of her child. Well, we weren't in the delivery room sketching, but we did draw her right up to a couple of days before the little guy was born. Hope you enjoy these. As usual, I'll post the gestures first, then the 20 minute sketches, followed by the long pose (my favorite drawing today, which is an anomaly). Let me hear from you.

I'll post the initial sketch for the long pose first so you can see where it started, and where it finally ended up. As I said before I rarely like the longer drawings because they feel over-worked, but this time I think I was able to time it out better - and know when to stop.



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