Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Figure Drawing Posts

Here's a few more drawings from last night. I'm not going to post everything, as I was feeling a bit "off" in class. Here's the highlights - a couple of gestures and a few 20 minute poses. Enjoy.

The model wanted to leave her shoes on (which was fine by me). She also brought her ballet slippers, and put those on for a couple of poses as well. This model has a very well defined (and small) upper torso. As a ballet dancer, the bulk of her power is centered in her hips, butt, and legs. She held this leg up (and still) for the duration of this 20 minute pose. Not an easy feat. For one pose she actually held a "toe stand" for 15 minutes. Ouch!

I like this gesture.

Another gesture.

A 20 minute pose.

And, one more 20 minute drawing (notice the "toe-stand?").

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