Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Lots to post today

First I'll post an illustration that I sketched out a couple of days ago. We missed figure drawing class this week, so I decided to do some extra work on the wacom tablet.
I'm enjoying stylizing these figures in Photoshop. I'm also doing some interesting stuff with layers and blurs.
Speaking of figure drawing class; they had another one last night, which I attended, and I'll be posting some stuff from that class after lunch.
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The Other Doctor said...

Dear Ed:
I get back here about once a week to see your stuff (will order your books at some point in the future, after finding out if the mortgage is, indeed, going to drag us into the vortex) and still like it very much.
But it seems that your work of late is--frankly--gaining in Sexiness (Astro Girl, Supergirl, this dollikins)...which I don't have a problem with...but I can't decide whether that's the province of the artist or this particular viewer.
I know that's a philosophical question to answer and don't believe--as a former professional cartoonist--that philosophy and cartooning mix (we need only look at the comic strip work of Bertrand Russell, the short films of Socrates and the political panels of Immanuel Kant to see that), but it's on my mind.
In times of lessened money, do we naturally turn to more carnal things, perhaps?
Or perhaps it's just the Vicodin from my tooth extraction today?
Ah well. Live long and prosper.
Robt. P.M. Hart

Ed Hall said...

Not sure there's a question in there as much as a statement, but if you were just wondering out loud, I'd say yes! It is gaining in sexiness. It's a theme I've always tried to follow; both inside art and cartooning (which I don't really separate BTW). Anyway, if you're in fact asking the question "why." I'll answer that with something you said: "I getback here about once a week to see your stuff..." All the best with that mortgage. I can relate. -E