Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cartoon Thursday

I read an article this week about young people and their cell phones (wired youth). It talked about a girl who used her iphone as an alarm clock, so that the first thing she touched in the morning was her cell phone to immediately begin messaging and texting. I've got friends who actually have to leave town, and go out into the wilderness to "disconnect" from their phones. What's up with that? This will probably give away my age, but I often think about this - when I graduated from college, there were no cell phones, home computers were just coming into existence, and the internet was still 10 years down the road. All things we now take for granted. Makes you wonder how we ever managed huh? I worry about the loss of personal interaction which is eliminated through the use of texting and Twittering. I was on Twitter for about a week, and quickly grew tired of hearing about trips for hamburgers and misc. doggie bowel functions. Come on people - does everyone really need to know about that? And, how important is it? Really.
So call a friend. Meet up for coffee. Leave the cell phones at home, and....gasp....have an intelligent, lengthy conversation. You might actually learn something about yourselves.

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