Friday, September 18, 2009

Last cartoon of the week, and HELLO new followers!

Here's my final syndicate cartoon of the week. Obama is supposed to meet with Medvedev next week, but without Putin in the room, he might as well be speaking to a ventriloquist dummy. Removing even the threat of a defensive shield around Europe is not going to gain him any friends in Poland or the Czech Republic either.
I wanted to take a second to welcome the new followers to the blog. I hope I can keep it interesting here for you, so you continue to come back for the updates.
One other thing: after struggling for years to get published in Newsweek, it looks like it's finally happened (albeit the Japanese version of Newsweek, which I didn't even know existed). I can't wait to see which cartoon they ran, and how it translated. Stay tooned & Happy Weekend!

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