Sunday, May 25, 2008

Hot off the easel - Sunday sketch class

We had the voluptuous model again today. I really enjoy drawing her. The weight makes for very powerful drawings, and (for me at least) sets up challenges of weight shift and
proportion that you don't get with a skinny figure. We started with the 30 second gestures, moved to 3 minute poses and finished up with (2) 3o minute, and (1) one hour pose. All-in-all a GREAT session I think.
This next one is my favorite of the gesture studies. I usually know that when I'm doing interesting gestures, the longer poses are going to be fun as well.

This was the last gesture. You can really see the weight shift in the hips, as well as the power.

Starting into the longer poses now. I decided to sit on the floor and look up at the model for this one. I think it's my favorite of the day.

Here's the second 30 minute pose.

And, finally, the hour long pose. Comments, and posts are always welcome. It's my sincere hope that SOMEONE is getting something out of these.

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