Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Straight down the tank

Four years ago we came VERY close to buying a lot and building a house out in Baker County. The land was cheap, and at the time, the commute seemed OK. Well, it ain't OK anymore. People are hating it, and A LOT of people that live in Baker County commute to Jacksonville. I feel like we really dodged a bullet on this one. My wife's commute is 7 minutes. Mine still remains 20 seconds. :-)

I'll post the rough this time:

So Long Charlie Mae
I lost my Aunt today. Aunt "Sis" or "Sister" as everyone referred to her was an old school, uniquely Southern, and very giving person. She knew how to make me laugh, and never wasted the opportunity for a good joke, or a wonderfully dry quip. She helped my Dad (her Brother) put me through college, so I might not be doing this now if it wasn't for her. She never told me she was helping out either. Just like her. So, God speed ol' gal. I'll always try to be a "smart feller." She loved to call me that.

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