Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Local cartoon

Well, it seems that the Jacksonville Port Authority has taken sides in the ongoing Mayport cruise terminal debate. They're siding with big business (cruise ships). Big surprise. The first shot came when they yanked an official off the Mayport Board and re-assigned him. That leaves the Mayport Board as just a kind of home-owners association with no clout what-so-ever. Sucks.

Interesting story behind this cartoon. This may be the first cartoon I've ever done just straight into the computer without a physical sketch first. I have to tell you, the only thing more intimidating than a blank white piece of paper is a blank white computer screen.

SKELETON UPDATE! It looks like "skinny" is finally on his way. He'll be traveling first class in a UPS jet from North Carolina. He should arrive Friday, just in time for some quick sketches before Sunday drawing class. Stay tooned!

Here's what he looks like in case you're interested.

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