Monday, May 19, 2008

Sunday Sketch Class

You know the drill - gestures first, then longer poses and finally I finished up with some skeletal studies and a figure "in the round." I've just purchased George Bridgman's book on figurative anatomy. What a

wonderful read (Google him for more). It's interesting that none of my professors even mentioned Bridgman in my two years of graduate art studies. He was with the Art Students League in New York, and trained some of the most famous artists in modern American Art. He developed a style of breaking the figure down into it's basic elements, that remains a doctrine today. It's observational vs. analytical figure drawing, and the study of the skeleton is at it's "core."

I'll probably purchase my skeleton this week, and I'm very excited. Sketch class this week was GREAT, and my re-emergence into art seems to be progressing nicely.

Here's a skeletal study in which I eliminated the table she was leaning on. I think it's kind of cool that your eye can fill that in for you.

And finally another "figure in the round." I only had time to sketch (4) full poses. People probably think I'm crazy scooting around the studio floor in my rolling chair.

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