Monday, May 5, 2008

Love letter

Shooting Range Welcome
Dear Editor:
Your editorial cartoon in the April 10 edition put a large burr under my saddle.
I am a former resident of Baker County and a 1966 graduate of Baker High. My family has hunted all over Baker County and south Georgia for the last 160-plus years. My grandfather was one of the first game wardens in the state of Florida and his sons and son-in-law and my two uncles were all active hunters. I also have done a lot of hunting and shooting in Baker County. Marksmanship was one of the two merit badges I earned in the Boy Scouts.
I now live in southeastern Wisconsin near a park with both trap and skeet shooting facilities; there are also all-weather ranges where police train and all have NRA-trained safety officers, instructors and gunsmiths on site.
Does any of this ring a bell?
There are perhaps hundreds or thousands of Florida citizens who would love to have a place in Baker County where they could master their weapons. Florida allows licensed carrying of concealed weapons and it would be advantageous if these folks had a place to learn and practice safe weapons handling,
There are many reasons why folks would like to have a shooting range in Baker County. It is a legal sport and I’ll bet none of them has a scar on their face (as did the person in the cartoon).

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