Monday, July 7, 2008

Animal Crackers

It looks like the cartoon theme for this month is talking animals. This will be the third one I've done so far in July, and we're barely getting started. Anyway, we have an abundance of wildlife here in NE Florida, and every time you turn around there's a wild animal VS. development story. Doesn't matter if it's tortoises, raccoons, manatees, bears (not kidding), or, now, wild boars, urban sprawl keeps bumping up against wildlife habitat. Not a good mix. In one subdivision, people are waking up to find their yards turned into a labyrinth of trenches and craters dug by wild boars looking for grubs. It's gotten to the point that animal control has become overwhelmed. The funny thing is, some old timers are writing in and saying "yeah, I used to hunt out Boar huntin' in the state of Florida." Others are saying , "just let us go in there and hunt again...we'll clear them out REAL fast!"

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