Monday, July 28, 2008

It's Monday morning. That means figure drawings...

We had a male model this weekend, which was a nice change of pace for our class. The male musculature and the structure of the male body is totally different than the female, so it's very important to study both. This guy could hold a pose too. Very difficult stuff - pretty impressive.

Anyway, as usual, we started out with some quick gesture drawings, moved into 3 minute poses, then did a couple of 25 minute sketches, and finished up with one long pose for the final hour. I chose a foreshortened view again, both because I wanted to challenge myself, and there was plenty of elbow room at the head and foot of the model.

One thing you might notice with today's post - I decided to leave the drawing board in some of the pictures so you can see the space around the figure.

Enjoy, and for those of you peeking in on my blog, PLEASE take the time to drop me a line. I'm beginning to wonder once again if anyone is paying attention.



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