Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to drawing class, back to blogging

Hello all! Well, after a bit of a "staycation," filled with surfing, boating, fishing, movies, eating, etc., I'm back at the drawing table (LOL). We also started back to figure drawing class yesterday, and it was a GREAT session. The model was one we'd had before, and she has very expressive gestures and poses. As usual, we started out with 30 second gestures, and finished up with several longer poses (30 minutes each). For the last one, I chose a difficult foreshortened view, but I'm pretty happy with how it came out. Enjoy, and by all means, let me hear back from you. It's amazing how few posts I get on this blog.

This drawing to the right is probably my favorite of the day. I like the weight of the drawing. I think you can really feel the power in the stance.

For this one I tried to incorporate elements within the studio space - easels, drawing boards, stack shelves, etc., to give the drawing more a sense of space. Hope I succeeded!

Here is the final, reclining, foreshortened pose.

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