Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Owners are usually to blame

Pitbulls are not "by nature" vicious dogs. I should know, as I had two of them as pets growing up, and one was probably the kindest animal I've ever come across. I blame the owners, and a cycle of abuse that is directly related to training them to kill one another. Problem is, they can't just turn off that mechanism when it's a small child or helpless individual in front of them. People should not let these types of dogs roam free in neighborhoods. It's a menace, and laws should be put in place to protect the innocent. For this cartoon I wanted to turn the idea of pet adoption on it's ear to make a point about this. Hope it worked.

By the way, since I know my cartooning buddy Clay Jones loves dogs so much (no really - this guy LOVES dogs - sleeps with them plutonically and all that), and I know that he has a Google alert out on his name, I wanted to post his name here to be sure he saw this cartoon. I think he would appreciate it.


Henry Gonzales said...

Hello I came across your blog while searching for figure drawing classes. I like the great political cartoons. I was wondering if you could tell me where it is your taking the sunday figure drawing classes? I live in Jacksonville and I really need to shapren up my life drawing skills. Thanks.

Ed Hall said...

Contact me off the blog. You can email me at ( and I'll give you the information.

Look forward to seeing you at class!