Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Deconstructing Hillary

Hillary Clinton has done a myriad of things to change her appearance since the 1980's. Probably the thing she's changed most often has been her hair style. That's simple stuff. What I've been struggling with in her caricature is finding a defining facial characteristic. She's a tough one; and I'm not quite sure why. As with all caricatures, you find something odd or unique about the face, and then you amplify it; exaggerate it. I think I might have found the first thing - her over-bite. It was right there all along, and it's pretty pronounced. She's also got what we used to call "apple cheeks," but they're small apples. She's got bug-eyes, and she tends to open them very wide when she's making a point or she gets excited. A lot of this is just observing her as she speaks. We saw her give a speech once down in Orlando. she's a very good speaker - very captivating; she draws you in. Maybe it's those hypnotic eyes...

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