Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Local Jaguars cartoon

I usually don't do sports cartoons, but this one was just begging to be done. For those of you unfamiliar with Jacksonville's NFL team, our starting quarterback, Byron Leftwich, was "let go" at the beginning of the season, and replaced with David Garrard. Garrard was supposed to be our saving grace, but the Jaguars "home" opener turned into a flop. A lot of people thought that Leftwich should have been given one more chance. Oh well, it looks like it's just more of the same.

Here's the rough:

And here's the finished cartoon.

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OMAR said...

Good stuff.
I was at the Jags game this Sunday and expected to see some fans wearing Leftwich jerseys for a couple reasons. First of all, I'm sure plenty of Jags fans own them, and secondly, to express their preference for the departed quarterback. I didn't see ANY.