Monday, September 10, 2007

First local cartoon of the week & some thoughts

A 14oo square foot minimum is being proposed for new homes in Glen St. Mary. Some potential home buyers & builders are not too pleased with this. They say "of course we don't want mobile homes, but don't cut out retirees, first time homeowners and people who don't necessarily need 3000 square feet of house." Here's the story.

Here's the rough.

In the spirit of full disclosure, I live in a 1940's style bungalow. It was only 1150 square feet until we added onto it. Having lived comfortably in it for 2 years, I simply don't see why quaint neighborhoods with smaller houses are frowned upon. Back in the day, people used to raise 2 kids in these houses (think bunkbeds & shared baths). Here's the finished cartoon. I added the car at the last minute on a seperate layer.

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