Thursday, September 20, 2007

A not so crappy local AND syndicated cartoon

On some rare occasions, I'm able to use one of my local cartoons for my syndicate. Here's one of those occasions. This cartoon actually went through several re-writes with the text until I finally settled on what's shown. In the original, I had the guy say "crap." My editor said it looked like I was saying crap just to say crap. I like writing that word now. It's strangely liberating. Crap. I think blogging the word crap might be making up for not having the word crap in my cartoon. Oh well, crap. Anyway, here's the rough.

Hey, look! The rough had the word crap in it! Cool.

Here's the finished product. Enjoy.

For the record, crap is much funnier than junk.



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