Monday, September 17, 2007

Second local cartoon of the week

Ok, so I didn't post the first one. It wasn't as good as this one, and surely won't produce as big a reaction.

Here's what will run on Saturday.

First the story: It seems that even after a long, heated debate over whether or not they'd let a Wal-mart be built in Neptune Beach, and even after the city capitulated and allowed it, now the "discount giant" wants to muscle Atlantic Beach as well by asking the DOT to take out a median and palm trees to allow for a turn lane.

Wal-mart truly does live by a different set of rules than the rest of us. I just hope their lawyers never decide to come after me. One of my Florida Press Awards was for a Wal-mart cartoon, and I thought they were going to come after me then. I can just see two smiley-face-trench-coat thugs showing up at my door one day.

Here's the rough. (Note: This was the sketch I dug up earlier today):

And here's the finished cartoon. I "Google Image Searched" - "Shark Top Light" to get the value shade of the sea correct. I think it came out alright. I LOVE Google Image Search.

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Anonymous said...

I hate Wal-Mart. great cartoon. when are you going to do something on the Cubbies - when they win the NL Central???