Thursday, September 18, 2008

A 26 year old movie reference? Sure, why not?

I think it speaks to the genius of Spielberg that this image is stuck in the lexicon of our society (and thus can still work as a cartoon reference). That little girl still freaks me out.
This is the second cartoon I've done on this Charter Amendment. It just will not die. County Commissioners are going to try to get it back on the ballot, figuring that the general public was too stupid the first time it was voted down. I hope the thing goes down in flames. I just wish they hadn't wasted our money forcing it down our throats...again.
TIP: For the figures on the screen, I used the old graphic design trick of flipping a print out over (xeroxes work best) and saturating the back with a design marker. Then you use a burnisher to transfer the image onto your paper. It works pretty well, and gives you a quick and dirty effect, which is what I wanted for a blurry image on a TV screen. Just make sure that the image you are transferring is flipped in Photoshop (esp. if there is text) otherwise your words will read backwards.

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