Wednesday, September 10, 2008

While I'm waiting - roughs...

Wednesday is my busy day. I usually have 2-4 deadlines for local papers. That means sometimes waiting on 2-4 responses about emailed roughs from editors. If they take too long, I find myself rushing at the end of the day to get all of the inking in, and that can REALLY suck. Anyway, while I'm waiting, I figured I'd go ahead and post the roughs on the blog. That way, if they're rejected or "edited" you can see where they liked them, and where they didn't.

This first rough sketch deals with a proposed Charter Amendment for St. Johns County that has already been voted down once. Well, it turns out that the County Commissioners (not all, but some) believe that their constituents are too dumb to read and understand the bill. What they really want is for this thing to pass. We'll get into reasons for that in a later post, but you can imagine why.

This second rough is about something I've experienced first hand. Debris from hurricane Fay piled up on our street, and was not picked up until AFTER hurricane Gustav blew by. This idea had been in my head since last week, and after reading some letters to the editor complaining about it, I decided to act. I think it's the better of the two roughs.
I like the layout and the wording flows better.
Now we'll see how they stand up to my editor's scrutiny. I'll keep you posted.

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