Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A quick local...

My super-secret, new software program is allowing me a lot more flexibility, and improved speed in rendering these now. I've actually increased my proficiency 3 fold, because I can work more intuitively, directly, in color, on the Wacom tablet. I love it!
These do have a different look to them; more spontaneous, more quickly done, more sketchy. And I'm not quite sure how much I like this new look yet. But it helps to be quick on days like today, when I know I have to do (4) cartoons.
Oh, BTW, this story has to do with those Bandit Signs that you see littering the right-of-way; which puts them on city property, which makes them illegal. They're an eyesore, and a menace, and our local Code Enforcement Board is trying to clean them up. But, like Kudzu, the minute they pull them, more seem to sprout up!

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