Monday, September 15, 2008

Sunday sketches

Our Model was changed for Sunday. We were supposed to get our favorite to draw, but she had a conflict. That was OK though, because the more I draw this guy, the more I'm enjoying studying the different structure of the male anatomy. This guy can really hold a pose too - very dynamic. I guess it helps to be young and in shape (unlike myself). Anyway, before any of my prudish friends start gasping, and covering their eyes, let me just say - shut the hell up, grow up, and look at life. That'll be my pre-emptive rant of the day!

I'll put the "keeper" of the day at the top of the page, followed by some gesture studies, a couple more 25 minute sketches, and the final long reclining pose. Oh yeah, and I can't forget my daily skeleton warm-up!

I've left the drawing board in these photos, so you can get a sense of scale (the drawings are pretty big).

I suggested he lay on his side this time for the long pose, and that the light be adjusted for a more harsh contrast.
You can really see the structure and the cast shadows. Enjoy.

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