Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Figure Drawing Class

Well, another Sunday, another drawing class in the bag. I'm pretty much back to where I was drawing the figure in 2002. It's not like me to take such a long hiatus away from it, but it has been fun getting back to it again. We had a model today who can really strike some dynamic poses. I enjoy drawing her because of the fluidity of motion in her stances. The line of action is also very distinct, and the energy is obvious. For my skeleton study, I decided to go back into the drawing in Photoshop and "punch up" the value contrasts. I also left sepia color in some of the photos because I thought it looked cool (one of those beautiful mistakes that sometimes happen). Here's a few gestures, some 25 minute poses, and a longer reclining. I'm posting my favorite of the day at the top this time. I sat on the floor for this drawing so as to emphasize a dramatic worm's eye view of the figure. Enjoy.


irondude66 said...

Thanks, Ed, for sharing those wonderful drawings. I think they are dynamic...Pablo

irondude66 said...

Thanks for sharing your wonderful drawings, I think they are very dynamic...Pablo

Michele Lee said...

Wow! Great drawings...and I love your cartoons. I had been in the Sunday morning class..but relocated from AB, Florida to California -
Michele D Lee