Thursday, January 14, 2010

Dr. Sketchy's Jax Rocked!

Yee haa! What a great time we had last night at Sinclair's with the 2nd Jacksonville Dr. Sketchy's! Cowgirl & Saloon Girl theme models, contests, free shots, and lots of sketching. Who could ask for more? If you're not familiar with Dr. Sketchy's click here. I've got a bunch more of these to post, but I just had to get this one up on the blog early. Thanks to all of the organizers, and my fellow participants, especially Henry for dragging me to this. This is now definitely on our to-do list for next month. It was fun.



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BirdBrain said...

Oh, they're doing Dr. Sketchy's again!? That's great! They were doing it back in '08 (maybe early last year...can't remember) and it was a BLAST. Do they have a website? When do they meet?