Sunday, January 17, 2010

New gig!

I picked up two new local community newspapers last week. Sure they're monthlies, but in this economy work is work. Besides, they're right in my own neighborhood! This first one deals with an issue I'm familiar with. After WWII Water Oaks were planted through out Jacksonville. Problem is the life span is only 50 years, so many of them are well past their lifespans. We had one removed from our yard a couple of years ago, and the entire interior trunk was literally full of water! The tree guy said it was a miracle it hadn't already fallen on our house. When he picked the trunk up with the crane, and it tilted to the side, it looked like a giant glass of water being poured out onto the ground. Riverside will probably lose a big part of it's historic canopy when these trees are removed, but the city is stepping up with a replanting schedule. And this time they're only using Live Oaks and Elms (longer lasting trees).


Courtney Lambert said...

Hey Ed!
I'm trying to get some more information on the tree removals in Riverside for the Times-Union. Could you give me the phone number of the tree service that chopped down your oak, or do you know anyone else who have had trees removed? Thanks!

Courtney Lambert

Ed Hall said...

Courtney. We used Macs Tree Service out of Middleburg, but I think they may have moved or gone out of business. They were great - family owned and operated, fully licensed and bonded. I would call around, but I've heard good things about Odoms Tree Service. Always ask for references.