Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Local cartoon

Like many other businesses tied to the construction industry, Hanson Roof Tiles has become a victim of the recession. They are a London based roofing tile manufacturer who built a facility in Baker County in 2006 to service the Carolina's and south Florida. At that time, the county donated the 15 acres of land that the facility was built on. Now they have dropped from 70 employees to zero, the County has filed a lien on the property, and no one is inhabiting the building except for security guards. I guess they, like everyone else, thought the party was going to go on forever.

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Antigonum Cajan said...

Sure. In Puerco Rico USA, the shitty
territory, many housing developers,
with their accomplices: bankers, mortgage originators, goverment agencies thought the panacea will last for secula seculorum..Now they have
THOUSANDS of apartments, houses freshly
new and no BUYERS...Avarice..haja bilingual laugh, has no end.