Monday, January 25, 2010

Sunday Sketch 01-24-10

I enjoyed sketch class yesterday (after I settled down). My mind is always racing during the first hour. I was finding it particularly difficult to concentrate. Anyway, I'll post the gestures first. I think those came out nice - plenty of movement, and freedom of line. I even sketched her before she undressed (always a good warm up before warm ups to get the proportions of the figure in your mind as early as possible). I think the workshop I'm hosting/teaching is forcing me to think about some old ways of seeing. It's all good. I was particularly happy with the final drawing. I took an old piece of paper with some ink splattered on it and "found" the figure in the marks. Hope you enjoy these. Let me hear from you! And, as always, a great big HELLO to the new followers of the blog.




richard jones said...

the final drawing is one of your best. i like the vignette viewpoint and i wish i had tried it that way instead of going for the whole body. inspiring work.

BirdBrain said...

I agree--the last one is great! Can't wait to see what you've got in store for us on Saturday.

Savannah said...

That last one was surprisingly easy to hold, though I was a little nervous that the sheet would slip. But it turned out beautifully. I think my favorite one would have the be the colored one from the final pose.