Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Figure Drawing of the New Year

I'm pretty happy with this drawing (hope that bodes well for the new year). This is actually a Pronto-plate illustration that I decided to scan and work up in color. I traced an old gesture drawing of Ashley that I had done onto the vellum surface in ink. You can still see the registration masking tape at the top. I'll probably print the plate sometime next week, so keep an eye out for that. I liked the way that the blue pencil of the traced gesture showed through the pronto-plate, so I left it in.
BTW, we've got figure drawing class tomorrow, so I'll also have a bunch more to post on Monday. Stay tooned for that, and happy new year!


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BirdBrain said...


Came across your work today while doing a search for Jacksonville Sunday Sketch. Love it! I've made it a goal to go to more Sunday Sketches for 2010 (unfortunately I forgot about it this morning!), so I'll try to pick you out of the crowd and introduce myself next time I'm there. Maybe next weekend!


PS: Looks like we were both at the Sunday Sketch back on Dec 13th. Were you the one moving all about to get different vantage points during the poses? I seem to remember someone practically lying on the floor... :)

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