Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Followers, faces & fitness

First, let me welcome Pavel Jakubec as a follower of this blog - a really talented caricature artist from Slovakia. This guy has got chops so you should go check out his blog. I'm going to post an old Putin cartoon of mine here in his honor. Two days ago I got another follower from Uruguay, so the Halltoons Weblog is getting quite the international following. Go check out all of these blogs, listed at the bottom of this page - just click on the follower's icons. All welcome here!

Yesterday I mentioned how sometimes a simple sketch will give me an idea for a more complicated illustration. That happened this morning after only two cups of coffee. This sketch is inspiring me to do a comic art Medusa, so stay tooned for that.

I also did another quick study from my aerobics fitness DVD. I'll post that one as well.

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