Tuesday, January 27, 2009

A local issue felt Nationally

Our education system is a mess. Along with the rest of the Country, schools have gotten caught up in the financial upheaval. Our teachers, and therefore our students are suffering. I think I know a little bit about teachers; having been one for several years in the late nineties. The good ones teach for the sheer love of the profession, and for the joy of bringing knowledge to young minds. They'd do it for the supplies if they had to. So once again I'm asking that you look for ways to help teachers out. You can start by just calling your local elementary school to find out about drop off days for supplies. Teachers can go to the Staples Teachers Reward button at the Staples web site for great deals, or go to the previously mentioned DonorsChoose.org for free donated materials. I'll keep doing cartoons about the great job they do, and their struggles, but we all need to help out now. It's for the kids.

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