Friday, January 30, 2009

Push ups with a pencil...

That's what Glen Fabry calls it anyway.

Here are a couple more aerobic DVD freeze-frame sketches. I decided to throw a little color onto these, just to see how they'd look. We've got one of my favorite models posing for us this Sunday, so look for some interesting drawings come Monday. I think I'll continue to draw directly into the computer on my Wacom tablet during the life drawing class. I've got some idea now as to where I want those headed as well.

Also, look for an update on my new cartooning gig Monday. Hopefully it'll be good news!

Happy Weekend!


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Joey Marchy said...

Ed. You were right, I do really dig what you are doing. I sent it to a few other people. I especially like all the aerobics illustrations you are working on lately.

Glad I met you at the AIGA Studio tour. You can contact me at