Friday, January 9, 2009

One more cartoon for the week & a shout out

Here's another idea that I got late today, so I decided to go ahead and ink it, and submit it to my syndicate. After Blago's impeachment today and the Senate's subsequent back-peddling on Burris, I couldn't resist.
On a separate note, I got a message alert today from a blogger in St. Augustine who has picked up the story of my suspension from The Record. Here's that piece. The city government in St. Augustine has essentially banned all forms of street art in our nation's oldest city. Street artizans had been selling their creations for as long as anyone can remember on St. George Street downtown, and it had been a huge tourist draw. Now that's all gone, and I must say that the last time I was down there, things seemed much quieter. Another little piece of small town charm and history eliminated. Fools.


Craig Zablo said...

LOL! Good one, Ed. Perhaps the tumor should have been just a bit lower on the backside. *Smile*

It is sad to hear that artists are no longer allowed to sell their work along the street in St. Augustine. My wife and I [and our boys] spent many fun hours walking along and enjoying the different displays.

Ed Hall said...

Thanks Craig. Perhaps if I was still cartooning for the paper down there I could do a few more cartoons to enlighten the public on this matter. But because the small town politics (and good old boy network) down there stink so horrendously, I'm afraid that'll have to wait for another time (like never). After they stopped using me, I told myself that I was better off not working for such a publication. Now that I'm looking at it from the outside, I'm convinced.