Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A local cartoon

I'm still doing cartoons for my longest running weekly (thank goodness). Here's this week's. With the faltering economy, many of the projects that were on the county's stove, have now been pushed to a back burner. But one, which will be an industrial park to sort containers, is stll full steam ahead. The boats come in at the coast and the containers are then transported to Baker County for sorting and distribution.


karl said...

We admire your work and hope to see it again in the St.Augustine Record. We recall the one you did re: city commissioners "rules and regs".

The st. Johns County Cultural Council may want to jury your work. Let McDaniels pretend to be the arts arbiter of the county. That's much like being the world's tallest midget.

Mike Peters gets all of the luck by having a whole country sue him.

Ed Hall said...

Thanks Karl.
Maybe one day The St. Augustine Record will once again have an ownership that understands the value of scrutinizing, editorial content. Until that happens, I doubt you'll see my work on those pages.

Happy New Year,