Thursday, June 18, 2009

Local cartoon

I haven't posted many local issue cartoons lately, so I thought I'd throw this one up here. We have a growing problem here in NE Florida. With contingent workers being thrown out of jobs, and displaced by firings, pets are being abandoned at an alarming rate. The shelters are filling up at a time when donations (food, bedding, collars, etc.) are falling. Volunteerism at the shelters is actually up though - and that's a good thing. Many of these abandonings are reported by landlords, who find the apartment has just been left full of pets. Now this is an issue that has always kind of irritated me. If you own a pet, it should be a life long commitment for you (lasting the length of the pet's life). These animals give us so much joy & companionship, that the very least owed to them is that they are not left to starve. Here's the cartoon. I'll probably get letters. Pets are a "raw-nerve" type issue.

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