Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tuesday night sketch class

I know, these are a couple days late - sorry. I attended Tuesday night because Fathers Day preempted Sunday sketch this week. Here are the results. At first I wasn't completely happy with the drawings, but after tweaking them in Photoshop, I think I'll post. Anyway, even though I never miss an opportunity to draw from the figure, and I really like and appreciate the people who put this class together, there always seems to be some little quirk about this night class that throws me off a bit. This week the model was late. One night we had swarming/biting insects (not kidding). Sometimes the air-conditioning doesn't work, or the model has a stomach virus, or...well, you get the picture. Luckily, one of the people attending the class agreed to pose for the gestures. She was great. I think that even though she was clothed, my drawings of her are my best of the night. When you warm up with one model for gesture, and then you have to switch over to a new figure (new body type, weight, hair, etc.) it can be very distracting. You're already used to the proportions you warmed up with, and then you have to switch your mind over rather quickly to drawing a different person.

I also did something a little different during this class. I pieced together some rolled paper for a life-sized drawing. It was pretty fun, although with the A/C out, I think I got as much sweat on the drawing as I did charcoal. I'll be missing Sunday class again this week. I just hope a giant swarm of locusts doesn't descend on us next Tuesday!



PS - I wanted to mention that I have started auctioning off some of my original drawings over on Ebay. The bidding starts really low (usually around 20 bucks). You can find a link to the first auction in the right hand column. Thanks for looking!

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