Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Sketch June 7

Here's today's output from class. I'm trying to stretch some more with Photoshop, but it's proving very difficult to make layer changes on the fly while trying to concentrate on anatomy, proportional relationships, etc. But I'm improving. With each session I learn some little shortcut or some brush technique that makes my life a little easier. I'll start with a gesture.

These next two were 20 minute poses.

This one is probably my favorite of the day.

And, finally, the one hour pose. It was a weird, foreshortened, reclining shot. It came out OK. There is a mid-week drawing class on Tuesday. I think I might attend and us traditional materials. Haven't drawn with charcoal and paper for quite some time now, and it might be good to get back to it temporarily. We'll see.




Andrew said...

You managed that "weird" foreshortened, reclining pose really well. Looks nice.

Ed Hall said...

Thanks Andrew. That means a lot coming from you!