Monday, June 15, 2009

Very productive Sunday

I guess sometimes you have to go away from something and miss it a little bit to get the full benefit of coming back to it. So it was yesterday for me in figure drawing class. I used traditional media for the first time in about three months, and I felt really good with the outcome. There is something about working on paper, and getting your arms covered in charcoal up to the elbow that is liberating. You don't get that working on a Wacom tablet. Not to mention the fact that you can get up and move around more easily - sitting under or standing over the figure. At any rate, here's everything from yesterday (good and bad). I'd like to post it all to document my progress. Would love to hear from all of my loyal blog followers!

I've posted the four, three minute gestures first. The rest were basically 20-30 minute poses (we didn't do an hour long reclining pose this time, which was fine by me). This was a new model and she did pretty well; even holding a standing pose for up to 30 minutes. Not an easy task. I'll also throw in the drawing of skinny that I did at the beginning of class. Usually when I do a sketch of the skeleton to warm up before the model arrives, my figure drawings turn out better.



Here are the longer poses:

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Andrew said...

The drawing with the easels in the background really captures the moment. Nice!