Monday, June 1, 2009

Turning a corner

Something happened with my digital figure drawings yesterday. I think I was able to (even with A LOT of distractions during class) make some kind of leap forward in my approach. Who knows? - Maybe the distraction helped - usually when I'm scribbling away on my Wacom tablet, I'm in some kind of weird trace, where nothing phases me or gets in. This time my attention was forcibly diverted. I won't expound upon this at this time, but the results are interesting. These have a more painterly approach; albeit subtle. They seem to be less "computery" in some way, and I like that. I see these as dancing on the line between digital and traditional anyway, so anytime it takes a noticeable jog in one direction or the other I like it. If you see something obvious about this that you can comment on please feel free to do so. I value the tidbits of info that I get from the followers of this blog - be it online or off.



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