Wednesday, August 1, 2007

More fun with Preston Blair

Here's part two of the first lesson in constructing and tilting heads. In the last panel (below) I tried to incorporate a George Bush head to use these concepts in real-world time. At the very least, these exercises should help me to remember that the head is a 3-dimensional object, and that the illusion of weight can be increased through the use of ovals and by imagining the volume of the head as you see through it. Hey, we're never too old to learn right?

Here's the George Bush heads. I'm not particularly happy with the way these came out. There should have been an oval that contains the eyes that doesn't move (see correction in red). I'll probably do these over in the next exercise. And speaking of that, up next: Squash and Stretch (although I've already started to experiment with that in a few of these drawings).

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