Friday, August 31, 2007

Rhymes with...

If you don't know what the "Nashi Movement" is within Russia, you might want to Google it. The scary thing about that word is that the translation appears to be "Our Kind." Here's an excerpt from an article I found entitled "Putin's Young Brownshirts."

Perhaps more aptly, some Russian liberals refer to Nashi as "Putinjugend." The movement's brownshirt tactics certain(ly) evoke shades of Hitler Youth, as does the emphasis on physical fitness, clean living, and procreation for the Motherland. (At the Nashi summer camp, sex was encouraged as an answer to Russia's demographic crisis, and 40 couples were married.) While the Nashi platform condemns ethnic bigotry, there is little doubt that if the Kremlin decided to single out an ethnic or religious minority as "the enemy," Nashi would fall into lockstep.

Here's the rough in two parts. I actually pieced together (2) separate drawings to create this cartoon.

And here's the finished cartoon.

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