Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Second local cartoon of the week

Actually it's the third, but the second one sucked, so I ain't postin' it. I'll let my editors figure out which one I'm talking about. I do (6) local cartoons a week, so there isn't any way they'll know.

Anyway, here it is. I like this cartoon because it goes for the throat of The St. Augustine City Commission. Here's a link to the story behind it.

Here's the rough:

And here's the finished cartoon. It didn't change much from the original. It usually doesn't when I feel the image is strong:

I added "St. Augustine" to the front of the map, which, BTW was taken from the graphic below. The red areas indicate the actual proposed "sprinkling" of areas that may be used for adult entertainment businesses inside the city limits.

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