Wednesday, August 1, 2007

A quiet platform

There's a mystery at one of the newspapers I work for. It seems that the format at their new website was supposed to spark an open forum, where people could go to create their own blogs and comment on current local events. Well, it ain't happenin'. Seems that while the same format IS working across town at a different paper, the Northern St. Johns County suppliment's site is pretty darned quiet. So I decided I would SHAME the readers into participating (we'll see if that works - yeah right).

Here's my rough for this cartoon:

And here's the finished cartoon. I'm going to dedicate this cartoon to Clay Jones, first of all because he never goes to my blog (so he'll never read this), second of all because I know that this is the stack he dreams of when he's dreaming he's playing to a sold out stadium, and thirdly because I didn't use any charcoal in this cartoon. Clay doesn't like my charcoal.

Anyway, here it is:

1 comment:

Clay Jones said...

I read your blog everyday, you goober.
Nice stack. Nice charcoal free cartoon.
Give Emmy a squeeze for me.